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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Three Best Governors in the U.S.

47.MarkSanfordjindal haley-barbour1 

Mark my words, one of these three men will be the Republican presidential nominee in 2012: Mark Sanford (governor of South Carolina, Bobby Jindal (governor of Louisiana, Haley Barbour (governor of Mississippi).  All three have turned down large portions of the stimulus bill meant for their state because there were too many strings attached.

Evidently if they accepted money meant for unemployment benefits, they would have to expand the unemployment program, essentially raising taxes on businesses.

Even if they did it for political purposes, so what?  At least they care what their constituency thinks, a trait many politicians are lacking nowadays. 

Meanwhile fellow “Republican” governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’ll gladly take their share of the loot.

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