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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Note to Obama: You Might Want to Look Up the Word “Protectionism”


Obama vowed to fight protectionism while negotiating a trade deal with South Korea.

Obama was quoted as telling Lee that trading states should fight the temptation to revert to protectionism, in the two leaders' first telephone conversation since Obama took office, Lee's spokesman said.

That sounds great, except that he does exactly the opposite.  He opposes the trade deal with South Korea because it provides too much access to the American market.  Uhh, that’s called protectionism, Mr. President.  Let’s not forgot all the “buy American” stipulations in the stimulus bill as well.

With each passing day of his Presidency, I become more and more convinced that Obama actually has no convictions about anything and just says what people want to hear.  I know, I know, it’s called being a politician.  All politicians have to do that to some extent, but usually you can get a feel for what they truly believe.  Obama… he’s still a mystery.

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