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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama Goes Back to What He Does Best


The fact that most people oppose the stimulus bill literally hurts his feelings.  He can’t be used to receiving criticism like this.  Lord knows he had almost none while he was running for president.  So does he go back to the drawing board and come up with something more palatable to the American public?  Of course not, he’s The One and he’ll use the sheer force of his personality to sway the masses back to his side:

Obama Promoting Agenda In Key Battleground States

Media reports are casting President Obama's trip to Denver (where he'll sign the stimulus bill this morning) and Phoenix as an attempt to boost popular support for his economic agenda. Moreover, says the Los Angeles Times, the tour "reflects a decision by the president to escape the Beltway and touch base with the rest of the country at least once a week" and a recognition "that congressional Republicans were gaining traction in the debate."

Remember when he cited his extensive experience running a presidential campaign as evidence of having the executive experience necessary to be ready on day 1 of the presidency?  Maybe the many recent stumbles and outright failures in his first few weeks of office have caused to him revert back to campaign mode like a scared child assuming the fetal position.

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