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Friday, November 7, 2008

Wright Still Desperately Trying To Capitalize On Obama's Fame

I guess he decided it was safe to bring it back up now that Obama is safely elected. He says his words were taken out of context, making it obvious he has no idea what that means. I've watched long portions of those clips and if anything, they made it worse. He also says that ninety percent of the people in his church don't agree with what he says. I highly doubt that as well. I'm not religious and I don't go to church, but most of my friends and family do. All of them have left or switched churches before because they didn't like what the pastor had to say, sometimes even if he was just too boring. He claims the media used him 'as a weapon of mass destruction' to attack Barak Obama, making it obvious he had no idea what this means either as Barak Obama is just one person. If he was so afraid of being used by the media, why did he later hold a snarky press conference where instead of showing in what way he was taken out of context, he used it to reinforce what people already thought about him, hurting Obama even more?

I highly doubt Obama agreed with the things Wright said, but that's not the point. For years, he used this church to get ahead in Chicago politics. That's hardly 'new' politics. I just wish Wright would have crawled out from under his rock a week ago, so we could have been discussing this then.

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