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Friday, November 7, 2008

Outrage: One of the World's Most Dangerous Toy's Allowed into the Toy Hall of Fame!

The infamous stick was allowed into the Toy Hall of Fame on Thursday. This truly is an outrage. I don't know what kind of mothers these curators had, but mine would never let me play sticks. Oh, my brother and I tried, and it never ended well. We would usually start with a simple sword fight which after a few badly bruised knuckles would end with us beating each other about the head and neck with them. Luckily mom set us straight early; we could have put out an eye!

This sends a dangerous message to children that it's ok to play with sticks, perhaps the most nefarious toy since the rock. Surely there's some kind of online petition floating around somewhere we can sign to have this stopped? I mean, what's next? Don't even get me started on string...

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