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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Supreme Court Rules Against FDA Labels Preventing Liability


Our government seems determined to do everything in their power to ensure that drug companies are no longer a profitable enterprise.  The Supreme court just ruled that labeling prescription drugs with the warnings provided by the FDA is no longer enough to prevent liability in cases of accidents or side effects.

Drug prices are already outrageously high.  Much of that comes from over regulation, in addition to the people that can pay for them having to subsidize the people who can’t.  Now drug companies have all the drawbacks of a vast organization regulating the crap out of them with none of the benefits.

This is all part of the ongoing attempt to demonize any large company making lots of money.  They did it to the tobacco companies, but at least their product provided no benefit.  It’s a shame that liberals have stoked the class envy fires so much in this country that people’s hatred of anyone making more money than them blinds them to the fact that they are killing an industry that is essential to maintaining our standard of living.

To all the people who think profit shouldn’t be involved in medicine: I hope you enjoy the immense slowdown of medical discoveries that is sure to occur as a result.

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