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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does Anyone Really Care What Meghan McCain Thinks?


Well, I guess someone does because she has her own column at The Daily Beast.  I most certainly do not.

It really irks me when she talks about “our generation” and how Republicans need to reach out to them.  What the hell does she know about our generation?  She’s separated from most people in our generation by the pampered lifestyle she’s lead since she was born.  The average person in my generation could no more relate to her than they could to Paris Hilton.  Sure, she has her circle and I’m sure she can speak for them, but please stop claiming to speak for “your generation” like you know anything about them other than something you may have seen on TV.

I do think she’s hot though, and it was pretty crappy for Laura Ingraham to call her fat.

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