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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Awww, Terrorists Think Guantanamo Violated Human Rights

I don't understand how anyone can print this drivel without feeling like a complete and utter tool. So the Taliban feels as though Guantanamo was an affront to human rights? The same Taliban that refuses to let women attend school? The same Taliban that arranges the marriages of prepubescent girls? The same Taliban that stones prostitutes and homosexuals to death?

I really don't give a damn what the Taliban thinks is a violation of human rights and no one else who actually cared about human rights would either. Was Guantanamo a bad idea? Probably so, but please let's not lose perspective here. Are we really going to give credence to the complaints of people responsible for the repression of an entire society and try and equivocate that with what went on at Guantanamo?

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