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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

U.S. Marine Captain: Aussie Women Dress Like Sluts

Slutty Woman

From Fox News:

The captain's letter to the editor was published in the Northern Territory News yesterday.

It raised eyebrows among many Darwin women, including nightclub dancer Lana Sandic, 19.

"He's got some guts to say that," she said. "Most Territory girls would say 'Put it where the sun doesn't shine'."

But Capt Campbell was adamant. "Ladies have been conned into thinking that just because you have it means you should flaunt it," he wrote.

"Come on ladies, don't send us mixed messages. That's what you do every time you dress with less than nothing on."

Translation:  “I am angry that I went out to a club in Australia and was surrounded by beautiful women who dressed like they should be easy but I still couldn’t get lucky.”

Now, I’m no Fox News hater, but you really have to wonder sometimes why they consider this stuff news. 

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